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How state cannabis regulatory agencies across the U.S. have responded to the vaping health crisis

State regulators overseeing the legal marijuana industry are adopting a wait-and-see stance as the industry determines what exactly is causing the health problems related to vaping, although California has come down more decisively against vaping of all forms. For the most part, regulators in more than a half dozen states are reacting cautiously while public […]

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California governor issues executive order on vaping, says it’s an e-cigarette and marijuana problem

In the wake of a nationwide epidemic of illnesses associated with vaping, California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday signed an executive order?launching a new crackdown on the burgeoning industry, both for tobacco-related companies and those in the cannabis industry. The move appears to be the first state regulatory backlash against vaping that includes the cannabis […]

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Weedmaps unlikely to receive fines for illicit cannabis firms’ ads – but vaping illnesses could lead to action, experts say

For legal marijuana businesses frustrated by ads for hundreds of unlicensed MJ retailers on Weedmaps, relief may not come immediately. According to the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) and other sources, it appears online advertising giant Weedmaps can dictate its own timeline for removing ads from its site for unlicensed marijuana shops and delivery […]

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Week in Review: Cannabis vape crisis, CA banking bill fails, public corruption in MA & more

Sales fall for recreational marijuana vaping products as a health scare hits the mainstream media, a California marijuana banking bill dies but could return in 2020, a Massachusetts mayor is deposed for allegedly ripping off MJ firms – and more of the week’s top cannabis business news. Vaping crisis The pulmonary illness epidemic related to […]

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Chart: Sales fall for adult-use cannabis vape products on heels of health scare

Recreational marijuana vape product sales are suffering in the wake?of a nationwide health scare that caused several deaths and hundreds of illnesses, with consumers shifting their spending into other merchandise such as flower and pre-rolls. The shares of vape sales in?California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington state’s recreational markets have declined significantly since the first vape-related […]

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Marijuana labs adding tests targeting vitamin E acetate in response to vaping health scare

Cannabis testing labs around the country are adding more specific tests targeting an additive that’s been linked to the string of recent illnesses and deaths health authorities say are related to marijuana and tobacco vaping devices. Although no definitive cause of the vaping-related issues has been identified, early reports have targeted the additive vitamin E […]

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Federal crackdown on e-cigarette vaping could have broader ramifications for marijuana industry

President Donald Trump and Congress are taking aim at the nation’s vaporizer industry, raising questions over whether a possible crackdown could produce fallout for the legal cannabis space. Marijuana industry officials are concerned that any federal action targeting e-cigarettes ultimately could result in regulations curbing the sale of cannabis vaporizers. Those concerns come as the […]

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Weedmaps reiterates pledge to drop illicit marijuana retailers; L.A. dispensary group calls for immediate fines amid vaping crisis

Online marijuana advertising giant Weedmaps has offered more details on its plan to remove unlicensed cannabis retailers from its website. But a Los Angeles-area trade organization said it’s not satisfied and is calling for regulators to impose potentially billions of dollars in fines against the company and is even calling out Weedmaps in reference to the current vaping crisis.

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Florida’s medical cannabis industry has only one truly dominant player

Florida’s medical marijuana market is often described by industry watchers as an oligopoly – dominated by a few vertically integrated operators. But it isn’t. The reality is that the roughly half-billion-dollar market is dominated by one player – Florida-based Trulieve, which is capturing nearly 50% of all sales. No other company comes close. Experts say […]

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